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7A3 Biography

7A3 Biography

The short-lived hip-hop group out of California released one album in 1988. DJ Mixmaster Muggs was a mobile DJ in Southern California in 1985 and soon teamed up with rappers Brett B and Sean B forming the 7A3 crew. After pushing some material through the independent label Macola Records the group tried pushing a demo to major labels. The rock label Geffen Records tried to infiltrate the growing hip-hop market and was turned on by 7A3's non-threatening and radio-friendly party rap style (that same year Geffen turned down N.W.A.). 7A3 recieved moderate notice for their single "Mad Mad World" which appeared on the Colors soundtrack and the single "Goes Like Dis". After the group broke up DJ Mixmaster Muggs hooked up producing for Mellowman Ace but gained wide recognition with his role in Cypress Hill as producer/DJ and for his work on House of Pain's "Jump Around". In the 90's Mixmaster Muggs is more commonly recognized simply as "DJ Muggs".

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