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Afrika Bambaataa - Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light

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1. Got That Vibe (Feat. King Kamonzi)    
2. Metal (Feat. Gary Numan & MC Chatterbox)    
3. Dark Matter (Feat. King Kamonzi)    
4. Take You Back    
5. Soul Makossa    
6. Just a Smoke (Feat. Mustafa Akbar)    
7. 2137 (Feat. Allen Ness)    
8. Almighty Ra (Feat. TC Iziam)    
9. Touch & Go (Feat. Muriel Fowler)    
10. Shake 'N' Pop Roll (Feat. Aghi Spirits)    
11. Ain't Takin No Shhh    
12. Pick Up On This    
13. No Dope Fiends on the Floor    
14. Electro Salsa    
15. B More Shake    
16. Meet Me At The Party    
17. Sally (Feat. King Kamonzi)    
18. Zulu Chant No. 5    

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