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Heaven Somewhere Lyrics

"Heaven Somewhere"

Phone rang
Screen said caller ID blocked
But for some reason I decide to answer it
On the other and was a french accent
He told me we needed to rap quick
Cause he had did some bad shit
And will be gone for years
Was spending this last two days with his momma and his kid
Whenn he spoke I want tryna hear
Cause I knew he was a real good person
And this didn't seem like he was in the spirit
He couldn't belive as mutch as I couldn't
What he had done
He said now it's time for him to turn himself in
For no longer could he run from life, from God
I started thinking:
Why is doing right so hard ?
I thought back to him when we was in London
Descusting the new testament
And how Allah is related to it
And how we can make the best of it
My voice became desperate
So I asked him why you gotta go ?
He said: "You know, turn to Matthew 24"
He said: "Noone knows the hour, nor do they know the day
But the kingdom is near
Don't let anything lead you astray
Cause long as God is with me
Everything will be OK"
So right about then we decided to pray

[Bridge] *singing*

Heaven, heaven is beeing Pops
Heaven is spending a day with the grand children
Listening to their voices and laugh to them play
And then at the end of the day we hug, we kiss, and slowly they walk away
And then suddenly they turn and rush back to me and hug me arround the knees
Yeah...thats heaven to me

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