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D-Shot Songs Listing

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1. International Shot Calla Callin All Shots    
2. 1000 Tears Callin All Shots    
3. Run Are Block Callin All Shots    
4. Purse First Callin All Shots    
5. Work That Flo Callin All Shots    
6. I'm Ya Dude Callin All Shots    
7. G'd Up Callin All Shots    
8. Cross Up Callin All Shots    
9. Put a Nigga in the Trunk Callin All Shots    
10. Get That Money Wet Callin All Shots    
11. Mob in tha Club Callin All Shots    
12. How I Feel Callin All Shots    
13. The 707 Callin All Shots download  
14. My Life Callin All Shots    
15. Off The Wall Confessions Of A Ghostwriter    
16. Suzie Q Confessions Of A Ghostwriter    
17. Y'all See Me Confessions Of A Ghostwriter    
18. Hood Ratz and Knuckleheads Hempin' Ain't Easy    
19. Suzie Q I Ain't Mad No More    
20. Y'all See Me I Ain't Mad No More    
21. Punk Ass Nigga Shot Calla    
22. Fuck a Ho Shot Calla    
23. Call Me On the Under Feat. E-40 & Levitti Shot Calla    
24. Crooked Cops Shot Calla    
25. The Shot that loves Fuck Shot Calla    
26. Player's Break Shot Calla    
27. Typical Night Shot Calla    
28. Porno Star (remix) Shot Calla    
29. When The Money was Flowing Shot Calla    
30. Wheels Shot Calla    
31. You Ain't Shit Shot Calla    


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