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David Banner Biography

David Banner Biography

Levell Crump (born 1973) is an American rapper, occasional actor, record producer, record label executive, and philanthropist. Better known by his stage name "David Banner", he takes his name from the lead character of the 1970s and 80s CBS television series The Incredible Hulk. His first major-label album, Mississippi: The Album, went gold and was a critical and commercial success[citation needed], largely due to the success of lead single, "Like a Pimp" (featuring Lil' Flip), as well as more introspective album tracks such as "Cadillacs On 22's" and "Mississippi." It features Lil Flip and Lil Jon in the album. The following album, MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water, was completed in two weeks at the behest of SRC executive Steve Rifkind. His fourth album, Certified was released on September 20, 2005, after repeated delays. Album appearances include Twista, Jadakiss, Jagged Edge, BG, Jazze Pha, Too Short, Bun B, and others. In 2006 Banner appeared from DJ Shadow's The Outsider entitled "Seein' Thangs". The track features comments on the tragedies of Hurricane Katrina. He is also the creator of the main theme to the game Saints Row. He currently remains signed to SRC.

In November 2006, Banner was awarded a Visionary Award by the National Black Caucus of the State Legislature in recognition of his work after Hurricane Katrina. This move was criticized by conservatives within the state, as well as some civil rights leaders, who Banner has accused of failing to adequately aid Mississippi. Banner played the part of Tehronne in Black Snake Moan. He has also worked on the new Adult Swim cartoon show That Crook'd 'Sipp, which premiered Sunday, May 13. His single "Play" was used as the background music in the pilot's first television promo. It has been announced that Banner has auditioned for a role in the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight but lost the role to Michael Jai White. On September 25, 2007, David Banner testified in congress in a hearing about African American Media Stereotypes, which was aired nationally on C-Span 2. He spoke about his lyrics and whether or not they are appropriate or stereotypical. He argued that his lyrics explain the pain blacks go through. In his opening statement, Banner was applauded by several in attendance for saying, "I can admit there are some problems in Hip-Hop but it is only a reflection of whats taking place in our society. Hip-Hop is sick because America is sick." Banner was recently featured on the cover of the November issue of Ozone magazine Banner recently released a song named 'B.A.N' which appears to be in response to rapper T.I's recent arrest over gun possession charges and Micheal Vick's charges.[citation needed] The song appears to be directed towards T.I's former bodyguard who was a police informant, and subsequently aided in T.I's arrest. Also Vick's cousin who had a hand in Vick's arrest and subsequent suspension from the Falcons.

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