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Suicide doors Lyrics

"Suicide doors"

It goes like this

Suicide Doors
Sui Suicide Doors
Suicide Doors
Sui Suicide Doors
Suicide Doors

Niggas always gettin blased with me the maker
When I shits my pants I gots to get the Toilet Paper


Eating all the food cause I like to be a fat ass
But when I go to school I gots to get a late pass
Bringin' home the money that I get everyday
Later I go home cause I think I overstayed


Gimme f**king beer that I need to drink
When I go home My mom asks why I stink


I bust people's balls all day and night
I think that I will eventually get into a really long and hard fight against a
Big strong man that weighs like 290 lbs and lifts weights everyday


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