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Skull 7 Crossbones Lyrics

"Skull 7 Crossbones"

I never drink and drive
'Cuz I might spill my drink

Give me the keys, I'm OK
Quit tellin' me I'm drunk, I only had five Hurricanes
Quit bein' such a Puritan, I'm a mega-turrican (?)
Wakin' up and it's all a blur again
If I'm alive...
If I'm alive...
If I'm alive...
If I'm still alive...

Red Skull more like skull and crossbones
Took my driver's test straight pilin' over the cones
It ain't funny so don't you dare chuckle
Drivin' hella drunk without my beltbuckle
Fuck you, I'm OK
That's what they all say
Already got a suspended license
Smokin' weed in my ride and lightin' incense
Not knowin' it could be gone in an instant
Pistons pumpin', slumpin'
Over the steering wheel
So many drunk drivers on the road
It's killing fields
Who gives a fuck?
If I get caught all I get
Is a slap on the wrist
My license tooken is a bitch
But I still drive with a D.U.I.
Crash, see my passenger fly
Through the windshield
It's hard to see you die
Heads crushed, necks severed from the shards
That's what happens playing with a wild card
How do you feel on trial for killin' your girl?
Nineteen years old, the end of the world
Don't know what to do
Pop's is gonna' kill you
Twelve gauge shotgun to your grill smooth
Got you in a predicament
If I'm drivin' drunk I've got a sickness
Some fool's is shiftless
Like me, gifted
Student GPA: four point oh
Blood alcohol level past that though

I never drink and drive
'Cuz I might spill my drink


Three o'clock, time to go
One more line of coke with cognac
But my cognitive skills ain't on the shit
What now Sherlock?
Key to the lock
My friend's is tellin' me to stop
Damn near down the block
I found cops in the bushes peekin'
Plus it's the weekend and I'm off the deep end
I roll through an alley way, can't see
Getting ansy I hop on the interstate but it's late
Cops patrol but I don't give a fuck though
I swerve to the right and get stuck in a mudhole
Check the rearview, the coast is clear
Tryin' to focus here but I can't
Drunk as hell, bust a rail
Now I'm sailin' off the cliff
High off the spliff, plus a fifth
I bust my shit
Now I'm rollin' down the side like a suicide
What will my family do if I die?
Tension builds, I went through hills and trees
Stopped by a redwood first thing broke was knees
I feel pain then a split second later
Car burst into flames, they won't know my name
They'll have to check my dental records
My body is charred
Burnt to a crisp soon as the car flipped the crash
That's my ass, a thing of the past
Already dead by the impact of airbags

I never drink and drive
'Cuz I might spill my drink

If I'm alive...
If I'm alive, If I'm still alive...
If I'm alive...
If I'm alive, If I'm still alive...

Skull and crossbones
Poisonous pathways

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