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Erick Sermon Biography

Erick Sermon Biography

"The Green Eyed Bandit" has also made multiple solo recordings and albums. He began recording solo albums for Def Jam in 1993; in 1997, he rejoined EPMD. The following year, Sermon, Murray and Redman recorded a cover version of "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang, the first hit hip hop record. EPMD disbanded a second time in 1999.

In 2000, Sermon moved over to J Records, and released the album Music the following year. The title track (a Top 40 pop hit that also made it to #2 on the R&B music charts), featured guest vocals from late soul music legend Marvin Gaye, culled from unreleased recordings which Sermon reportedly found in a small record shop in London.

On September 25th, 2001, Sermon reportedly sustained numerous head injuries and was listed under critical condition in what J Records representatives said was a car accident. However, days later, a woman reported that Erick was with her in her apartment when she discovered him in a Paterson, N.J. parking lot bleeding from the head. The police investigated the incident as a suicide attempt, while J Records claimed that he had been in a car accident when he was driving home from a video shoot. However, in the song "Relentless", Sermon raps that "Me, Superman, if I fell from the window.

After recovering, Erick continued working on an album. React was released in 2002. The title track became a major hit song, though the album still had disappointing sales. In 2003, J Records dropped Erick Sermon due to poor record sales. However, he still went on to establish his Def Squad imprint with Motown Records. At this time, he recorded an album, Chilltown, N.Y., which was released a year later in 2004. The album was powered by the single "Feel It" (which contained a sample of Reggae/R&B Singer Sean Paul), a song which became a moderate success in the United States.


On another single from the album, "Relentless", Sermon is quoted with saying "This might be my last hurrah//I'ma rock now til tomorrow, implying that Chilltown, N.Y. is potentially going to be his last album. In an interview, he stated that he was going to step aside and try to get upcoming artists in the spotlight. However, Sermon hasn't stopped doing music altogether, as he has just recently produced the song "Goldmine" on Busta Rhymes' album, The Big Bang in 2006. Very soon after, Sermon has recorded "Don't Make No Sense" with Def Squad. He also collaborated with Redman produce a few songs on the album Red Gone Wild while also making an appearance with Def Squad member Keith Murray. He is also doing another EPMD album with fellow member Parrish.

Sermon was also heavily involved in Method Man's critically acclaimed 2006 album 4:21...The Day After.

Erick Sermon was featured in the final episode of Yo! MTV Raps in a legendary freestyle session featuring some of Hip-Hop's most well known artists such as Rakim, KRS-One, Chubb Rock, and MC Serch.

Sermon was also recently featured in an interview with The Breakdown TVwhere he discussed his current and future endeavors within the hip-hop industry as well as his thoughts on underground Hip Hop. Erick Sermon interview.

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