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Haystak Biography

Haystak Biography

Haystak (born Jason Winfree on March 22, 1973) is an American rapper of Irish and German descent. He is native of Nashville, Tennessee and he is most renowned for his style of rapping which he refers to as "white trash," which talks about growing up white, poor, and in the South.

Haystak joined a local label called Street Flavor Records and producers Kevin "DJ Kev" Grisham of Devastating Music and Sonny Paradise. They produced his debut album, Mak Million in 1998. Two years later, Car Fulla White Boys was released. With the success of this album, Koch Records signed Haystak and re-released Car Fulla White Boys that same year. In 2002, Haystak's third album, The Natural was released on Koch. Mr. Mak Million can be found on Grave Plott (Liquid Assassin & Killa C's new album, The Plott Thickens due out early 2007 on Dirty Thug Recordz. He performed at the 2007 Gathering of the Juggalos and is planning to tour with Dark Lotus when they release their next album, The Opaque Brotherhood. Haystak reps A-Game, PaleFace and CDub. Stak is also a member of the Cold Hearted Soljaz and chills in Indiana with Kaoss, Lil Pac, Hellchyld, Lil Dee, Big Brandon and Lil Zerb. He also raps with Kaoss, Lil Pac and Hellchyld. Be on the lookout for his 8th studio album "Hard 2 Love" in stores August 26, 2008.

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