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Let It Go (Featuring Dion & Talib Kweli) Lyrics

"Let It Go (Featuring Dion & Talib Kweli)"

[Chorus One: Dion]
I came home late, you were not there
I didn't care, I think we
Both know, it's overrrr
We need to let it goooo

[repeat Chorus One]

[Chorus Two: Dion]
We need to let it goooo
We need to let it goooo
Both know, it's overrrr
We need to let it goooo

I can't believe we at a point where we don't like each other's
company when you're not around the burden's off my shoulders
We tried, but it won't get revived
And I've got too much life to live, I gave all I can give
Meanwhile... I, wait (I wait) you, wait
Who will be FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRST, to say let - me - go

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two] + [Chorus One]

I saw you, you saw me
I felt you, you felt me
And two became one (two became one)
But the foundation, Was weakened when it cracked and
couldn't keep a stand, you bring up bullshit
that don't even concern you and me
Fight-ing (fighting) nag-ging (nagging, it's not the)

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Talib Kweli]
Like Frankie Beverly and Maze but keep the memory a daze
We would do it den every room in every single way
Once we did it 15 times in a single day
Havin a wifey was way more fun than the singles say
Get a room where the singles stay, mingle play around
But when it's time for the layin down, we really laid it down
We'll fuck, watch a movie, smoke a blunt, lay around
Weighted down by the loneliness, please stay around
Baby doll we so affectionate, I had to hold my own
Cause we had two kids, and you held me down cause you had 2 kicks
And who'd have thunk by now that we'd have 2 cribs
Not cause we ballin because we fallin apart; you know the truth is
I know I ain't follow the blueprint, treated you like you stupid
And without your support I couldn't be doin this music
It was a long time ago that we were both struck by Cupid
But miscommunication has stole the love movement

Show's over! Exxxxxxxxxxxxit, RIGHT~!
The fat lady's SUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG good-night!
It's over (you won) it's over (I'm done)
It's over (we both know it's overrrrrrrr)
(We need to let it goooooooo)

[Chorus One]

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