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J.T. the Bigga Figga Artist Profile

J.T. the Bigga Figga Biography

San Francisco-based rapper JT the Bigga Figga became the subject of considerable underground buzz thanks to the success of his self-released 1993 LP Playaz n' the Game; a major-label bidding war ensued, and he ultimately signed with Priority to issue 1995's Dwellin' in tha Labb. Don't Stop til We Major followed a year later, and in 1997 JT returned with Game Tight. Game for Sale was issued in...

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J.T. the Bigga Figga Discography

Longbeach 2 Fillmoe

Longbeach 2 Fillmoe

Label: Black Market
Release Date: January 16, 2001
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Product Placement

Product Placement

Label: One29
Release Date: 2001
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Label: Sixty 7
Release Date: 1999
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