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Jungle Brothers - This Is Jungle Brothers

Album Details

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1. Straight Out The Jungle download
2. Jimbrowski  
3. Black Is Black  
4. Because I Got It Like That  
5. I'll House You  
6. What "U" Waitin' 4?  
7. Doin' Our Own Dang  
8. Down With The JBeez  
9. How Ya Want It We Got It (Native Tongue Remix)  
10. Brain  
11. Jungle Brother (True Blue)  
12. V.I.P.  
13. Black Woman  
14. Handle My Business  
15. Jungle Brother (True Blue) (Urban Takeover Mix)  
16. Because I Got It Like That [Ultimatum Mix]  
17. V.I.P. [Wiseguys Remix]  
18. Get Down  
19. Brain [Natural Born Chillers Remix]  
20. Jungle Brothers [Stero MC's Mix]  
21. All That We Do  
22. I Remember [Don Air Mix]  
23. Strictly Dedicated  

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All That We Do

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You in My Hut Now

You in My Hut Now

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Raw Deluxe

Raw Deluxe

Label: Gee Street
Release Date: June 3, 1997
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