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Because I Got It Like That Lyrics

"Because I Got It Like That"


A: Because I got it like that, uh huh
Because I got it like that, wooh, uh huh
Because I got it like that
G: Like how?
A: Like that

Verse 1: Afrika, Mike G

Dancin' on the dance floor
Girl, it's you that I adore
Step on stage, you scream for more
Afrika got rhymes galore
Snap my fingers, make you mine
If not, I'll snap a second time
After that, I guarantee
You will be standing next to me
Left or right side, take your pick
But girl, you've got to make it quick
Baby, baby, baby
I know I drive you crazy

MC's know me as Mike G
Girls hold on to me tightly
Warm personality
That's why they get close to me
Try their best to drive me wild
Say they want to bear my child
I go away, they say, "Come back"
Why? Because I got it like that


A: Yeah, uh huh
G: Because I got it like that
A: Yeah, uh huh
G: Because I got it like that
A: A ha ha, uh huh
G: Because I got it like that
A: Like how?
G: Like that

Verse 2: Afrika, Mike G

No problem, (why?) because I got it like that
A Baby Bam beat and an African rap
My partner by my side, Sammy B is on the cut
Your DJs chill and chill, but hey, so what?
Nuggets in my pocket, wine in my hand
I got it like that, but you still don't understand
It comes to me natural, it comes to me easy
I just lay back and let the big beat lead me
I never work a day in my life
Single jungle brother, no kids, no wife
100,000 rhymes from one band, that's many
But back where I come from, they ain't worth a penny
You've got a lot of talent, but you fail to see
You paid for yours, I got mine for free

Play in the rain and don't get wet
Walk through the desert and don't even sweat
Play in the snow and don't get cold
I'm just a cool young brother who looks kinda old
Love around the world schoolin' the sound
If I could bet a crowd and get caught us loud
I've got ladies uptown and money on the floor
There's not a thing in the world that I'm askin' for

Chorus 2:

A: Wooh, uh huh
G: Because I got it like that
You wanna know why, brother?
Because I got it like that
A: Uh huh
G: I ain't jokin', I ain't playin', it's just my brother
I got it like that
A: A ha ha

Verse 3: Afrika

Used to be a player, couldn't be trusted
But still in all, I never got busted
Knowin' every part of New York City
I thought it was fun, it used to look witty
I had it all spread out, even one next door
I had it like that, so what ya askin' for?
4 to 5, you see, was my minimum
And every day, I used to go and get with 'em
One for every hour on the hour
One on the way while I was in the shower
It sounds kinda crazy, it sounds kinda bugged
But you see, Afrika was the one they loved
So you see, it got to a point where they didn't care
They didn't wanna give me up, so they agreed to share

Chorus 3:

A: Because I got it like that
G: I hear you, brother, word
A: Because I got it like that
G: Man, you's one baaaaaad jungle brother
A: Like that
Like that


A: Uh, wooh, Sammy B, B, you got it like that
I know you got it like that
Yo Mike G from the Jungle Brothers, man
New Orleans got it like that
New York City got it like that
Los Angeles got it like that
Cleveland got it like that
Let me see, who else got it like that?
G: Detroit
A: Who?
G: Detroit
A: Man, yeah, Atlanta got it like that
Philadelphia got it like that
Texas got it like that, let me see
Somebody else got it like that
G: D.C.
A: Yea, D.C., D.C. got it like that
Boston, Miami, I know you got it like that, Miami
G: Word
A: Word up, yo, I'm outta here, you know why?

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