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Say Whaatt Lyrics

"Say Whaatt"

Keith Murray and Jazze Pha
Servin em well and as you all know we are crunk as hell

[VERSE 1: Murray]
Woke up at 8:30 on a Saturday morn
Grab my remote control cut my stereo on
Got up took a dump as I smoke some trees
And my stomach started growling for some egg MC's
I am hard core heavyweight b-boy flex
Other rappers try to flex but they soft as sex
High heels in the kitchen fixin me a hot meal
Wipe my ass ran the faucet then I brush my grill
Jumped in the shower it was boiling hot
So I stayed there an hour cause I like it a lot
Back to my room and throw on some fresh gear
Tank top white tees and some Nike airs
Then I'm interrupted by the ring on the phone
Def Jam Kevin Liles tellin me that it's on
Saying Murray meet me, Lyor and Russell
You provide the heat and we'll provide you wit' that Def Jam muscle
So I said yeah I'm wit it cause you know I'm prepared
Put me in proper position and I'm takin it there
I hung up the phone, went outside
And hopped in the six to bust a joy ride

[HOOK: Redman]
Yo dog how many wanna ride wit us and
How many wanna smoke wit us (say what)
Now how many wanna junk wit us and
How many wanna thug wit us (say what)
Now yell if you wanna roll wit us
Yell if you wanna get dough wit us (say what)
Ride-smokin-ride-smokin-ride-ride-smokin-ride (say what)
Let's smoke and ride

[VERSE 2: Murray]
One o'clock on the dot is when I hit the block
Sunshine cold beamin off ya face from my watch
I'm a monsta on these beats also on these streets
Hit the corner then I bumped into some beautiful freaks
They said Murray hold up, stop, wait
Hit the brakes rims spinnin like roller skates
Conversing with the skeeza's for ten minutes more
Hopped back in the ride and then I slammed the door
Ridin through your city wit the hard core beat
Stopped by the spot so I can get somethin to eat
The way I wine and dine people think I do crime
They don't know I'm just a connoisseur of hip hop rhymes
So I got my meal and I said my grace
Thinkin bout the next millions that I'll soon make
Lookon at the clock it said deuce square tre
Wit Georgia on my mind I 2wayed Jazzy Pha


[VERSE 3: Murray]
I heard you suckas don't like me but I ain't concerned
It must be the pretty bitties or the pay that I earn
I'm growin and blowin all up in yo face
Put ya head to the speaker break ya neck to the base
I'm extraterrestrial so expeditious
The first nigga to ever bust a verse on a Lexus
Sucka duck nigga think that they be the man
I don't even say nothin I just wave my hand


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