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Da Ba Dunk Song Lyrics

"Da Ba Dunk Song"

You know I had to go there right, that's water baby
Ay yo shorty got the badonkadonk, look right
Hangin of the edge of dat Kawasaki bike
See em in da streets at work rump galore
They be in salons, restaurants and stores
They come in all shapes sizes, fashions and colors
It might be your sister, aunts or your mothers
Or your baby mama and they aunts and they cousins
They roam in droves of half a dozens
Now you may not have seen a lot and maybe you have
All you gotta do is hit up your local ave
lookin at the female anatomy
I see what made little Richard Write, Good golly miss molly
Excuse me miss no disrespect miss (you drop somethin)
Sike but that thing is da beautifulist
I bet you hit the bathroom and light up a clip
Sit down and take one fat hit

We be spankin that ass pumpin it up
girl you gotta a badunkadunk
No doubt, badunkadunk, badunkadunk
Break me off a chunk of that badunkadunk

I was on 45th chillin with my man Earl
when she walked by I started singin you gotta fatty girl
You know I'm right don't be rude
Its just a compliment stanky you should be say thank you
To the ladies in da street that ever shook my hand
And thanked me for representing that fat back
It a raised your antennaes and keep you on point
Gwedoe's be like yo she gotta badoinkadoink
Bro and godamn boy ooo it
come equip with three D thongs and shake included
Although it's rated PG little boys can look
Little girls write about it in they diary book
They be on TV, T-shirts and pocket books
Attracts straight lace guys down to crooks
So if you ever seen one that ain't fat
Hit with an extra can of fixaflat


Ay yo Tina gotta badunkadunk, I know I told you I'd be true
But Tina gotta badunkadunk so I'm leavin you
Yo Leesa gotta badunkadunk, I know I told you I'd be true
But Leesa gotta badunkadunk so I'm leavin you

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