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Say Goodnight Lyrics

"Say Goodnight"

Now get'em
Yeah, we gonna set shit straight
All y'all niggaz out there, let me tell you something right now
None of y'all niggaz dont't know me
You crazy, punk ass nigga
Hiding behind the microphone
(Y'all ready for this)

Yo, you's a lying fronting fake ass thug everybody know it
You pussy and I'm just the one to show it
word to everything I love and don't love
This nigga ran from me one night after the club y'all
And I'm very hard core I live out my metaphors
Don't ask me what happened just go ask that nigga jaw
I'll tear your roof off sucker punk motherfucker
I'll rush you, crush you, RIGHT?!
This is a constant reminder for you to keep shit straight
Stab you, throw you overboard faggot you dead weight
Rest in peace to all those who thought I wouldn't do it
Crack craniums is what you get for thinking stupid
The bomb bazee kid is back in the house
So all you punk niggaz go back in the house
Violent as the bible, kill all my rivals
With the two piece with the scope on top sniper rifle

So stop trying to see where your eyes can't follow
Say goodnight to the world and goodbye to tomorrow
You rave accuse, it's a must you get bust
Were not to be fucked with toys ain't us

And y'all niggaz ain't never hug no block like me
Sold working to fiends and hustlers and shook the d's
I ain't proud or bragging but it's plain to see
Ain't half of y'all pussy come up like me
I run in these streets from sun up to sun up
You the type to get found in the back of the club stabbed up
And with the hands you can't get none
So you little bitch niggaz run for your guns
I see caps gotta get peeled
Some of them niggaz gotta die to show the rest that shit is real
And you know how it's done son
They pop a lot of shit, then finger fuck the phone 911
Yeah, so duck me when you step in the place
Cause I'll spread that nose all over your face
Niggaz always wanna try to talk it out too late
Hit you with the dirty 30 and crack your chest plate


And fuck critiquing what I got what I say and do
Fuck him them niggaz and all of you
Yeah and while popping your gums I hope you feel rich
When you done you can eat the peanuts out my shit
I'll rock you maggot redrum faggot
Drink come maggot you can't do me no damage
I'll shank your think tank
Make you drink blood bitch take off them fatigues and put on something pink
I'll wake ALL UP with the 16 inch gig bone handle, oh my lord
And then I'll chop ALL UP with the double edge 50 inch sir gladiators
what's that a sword, sneak up on you quite like a killer in the house
Put the barrel in your mouth boom, blow your brains out
Got talkers we doers
Catch you in the back retire you from running like Carl Lewis
And I ain't going back to jail, hell no
Put me in your mix I'm taking you to hell, lets go


Yeah, no more battle and no more battlin
You have been officially token out
Go wipe your ass, you piss bags, scallywags
Yeah, all motherfuckers stab crushing niggaz
Nigga Sye Diggy, hell pity
My nigga Digie Grand, B.L
All you up there crushing up niggaz
Big Africa ??? see you up in there too baby
??? keep my whole street unit is for same, word
Y'all niggaz know what time it is
Stray crushing these niggaz
(Y'all ready for this)

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