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Kool G Rap Songs Listing

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81. Letters Kool G Rap - Greatest Hits    
82. Fast Life Kool G Rap - Greatest Hits    
83. For Da Brothaz Kool G Rap - Greatest Hits    
84. Intro Live and Let Die    
85. On The Run Live and Let Die    
86. Live And Let Die Live and Let Die    
87. Crime Pays Live and Let Die    
88. Home Sweet Home Live and Let Die    
89. Train Robbery Live and Let Die    
90. #1 With A Bullet Live and Let Die    
91. Operation CB Live and Let Die    
92. Straight Jacket Live and Let Die    
93. Ill Street Blues Live and Let Die    
94. Go For Your Guns Live and Let Die    
95. Letters Live and Let Die    
96. Nuff Said Live and Let Die    
97. Edge Of Sanity Live and Let Die    
98. Fuck U Man Live and Let Die    
99. Still Wanted Dead Or Alive Live and Let Die    
100. Two To The Head Live and Let Die    
101. The Realest Murda Muzik    
102. 40 Island N.O.R.E.    
103. Don't Curse Peaceful Journey    
104. I Ain't Trickin' Rated XXX    
105. Under 21 Not Permitted Rated XXX    
106. No More Mister Nice Guy Rated XXX    
107. Check The Bitch Rated XXX    
108. Fuck U Man Rated XXX    
109. Talk Like Sex Rated XXX    
110. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Rated XXX    
111. Enter The Dragon Rated XXX    
112. I'm Fly Rated XXX    
113. Rhyme Tyme Rated XXX    
114. Riker's Island Rated XXX    
115. Keep It Swingin' Rated XXX    
116. Ghetto Afterlife Reflection Eternal/Train of ...    
117. You Must Be Out Of Your F***in' Mind Represent    
118. Road To The Riches Road To The Riches    
119. It's A Demo Road To The Riches    
120. Men At Work Road To The Riches    

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