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Don't Trip Lyrics

"Don't Trip"

[Lil Wayne] [Trina]
Unh, Chyeah, oh, chyeah
Trin Bean I got ya
Yeah (Ms. Trina) I'm a lil sensitive ma
You all good, unh, ay, Colli!!

[Lil Wayne]
Go by the name of Weezy F and
I'm walkin' out the Bally store with ten bags
Fly as a motherfucker girlie on my staple
Cause her friend say I'm a tummy sucker
Don't go below the navel
I'm up in little Haiti (yeah), I'm blowin' on Jamaica (yeah)
I'm in a pepper Beamer (yeah), I'm with a saltshaker (yeah)
Now I'm in Dade county (yeah), I see some thick bitches (yeah)
I try to holla at 'em but they all trick bitches (damn!)
I think Trina sexy (oh!), mama you wine-fine (yep!)
And on the hush-hush (oh!) we need some quiet time (shh!)
Yeah I'm all right ma [laughter], the Birdman's boy [laughter]
He own Cash Money, I pre-own Cash Money
Yeah, and I put her on Cash Money
She start wobblin' that ass for me (whoa!)
She start modelin'(whoa!)
She see the models in the Maybach (whoa!)
She call me Weezy F baby and she make sure she say that

If you see a fly nigga baby yeah I don't trip
Just give him lil' thigh mama give him lil' hip

And if you see a fly bitch nigga holla don't trip
Break her off a few dollars take her on a few trips

Give him lil' thigh mama give him lil' hip
Then you give him lil' wind-up, give him lil' dip

If you see a fly bitch nigga holla don't trip
Break her off a few dollars take her on a few trips

Now I'm the daughter of the Madam inside of a pink Phantom
If your man got that cash then best believe I'm at him
Cause I'm sharp as a machete and I cuss like great (that's right)
Niggaz call me Betty Crocker cause my cake stay plenty
Got stacks on top of stacks, I'm cuppin' a mill ticket
No matter the consequence my emphasis is to get it
It's Trina, Weezy F baby, Mannie handle the script
It's so reminiscent to Gladys Knight and the Pips (that's right)
All my niggaz jump around girls jump on that dick
It ain't gone be no standin' round now let's get crunk in this bitch
And ladies show him your shit a lil' hip, a lil' thigh
Mo' pleasure for the eye and the mo' a nigga try (that's right)
You can find me stretched out in my eight-fifty yacht
Or my big six hundred believe Trina done it
Believe I'm diamond studded stay flooded like a dam
Chase grands cause I am what I am, don't give a damn, go!


Back to the lesson at hand stick to my plan
When it comes to seeing man after man, don't give a damn
Bout his cars or his grands, what, what, what, what, what
Cause I'ma make my own ends and that's what what's up
Ladies, let say you want a man (yeah) but don't know how to do it (yeah)
Dirty dance with him put a lil' back into it (yeah)
Go catch a wall shawty, end up at the malls thought he
Tried to dog waldy make him spend it all on ya (damn!)
Yep! And make that nigga ball for ya
Then have him beggin' for that kitty kat (oh!)
Winin' and dinin' for that ass give him none of that
Just let him know, say
"Make a bitch rich" cause the baddest bitch taught you that


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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