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The Die Lyrics

"The Die"

[Lupe Fiasco - Intro]
I present... the death... of The Cool!

(DIE!!) Well I heard like a group of cows, that all ya enemies wanna shot you down
They got AK-47s and a bunch of Mac 11s
semi-automatic weapons that produce "Kapows!"
Word on the street is, they all got heaters
They gon' hit you up and you ain't even gon' see it
You got a lotta money, I ain't tryna be funny
but they say, "Where you goin, you ain't even gon' need it"
They see you ridin 'round, shinin with ya fine round diamonds
pretty green-eyed lady
Been on the sideline plottin, while you primetime poppin
Hungry niggaz want a piece of your pastry
I suggest you protect yo' bakery, cause they comin for yo' head
And it's a bounty on that chain that's hangin from yo' neck, they said..

I don't know, what you've been told
in your ear, but I hear it's goin down
Somebody gotta - (DIE!!)
Don't know, what you been told in your ear
But, business goin round, somebody gotta (DIE!!)

Hit a nigga wit the mini-mac strap
Clap any nigga think he gettin Gs' down here
Enemy to any nigga gettin money on my honey
Man, I heard Micheal Young is the weed clown here
Run up on a nigga from the back wit a Mac
Gon' be strapped cause a nigga finna squeeze off ten
Run up on this nigga 'Lac, RAT-TA-TAT-TAT
Click CLACK, where this nigga at? I needs in
Shit is goin down ever I see him
Bump a nigga out like Oxy-10
And keep a couple of dollars up in the wallet
to pay the cops so they can never box me in
(DIE!!) - that's what I'm thinkin
while ridin around polishin this big pis-tol
I'ma catch him in the wind, pray the gun don't jam
So until we meet again, nigga it's cool!

[Lupe overlapping chorus]
Maaan, man...you can't believe none of that, man
You need to, you just need to relax man, trust me

[Lupe Fiasco]
Don't pay them niggaz no mind
They hatin on you, ain't nobody witta shotty
and plannin on doin a robbery, itchin to catch a body
Creepin in a stolen jalopy, out there waitin on you

I'm sittin in a stolen car, finna rob this nigga
Should I let the mini-Mac or the shotgun hit him?
I been waitin all day, tryna SPOT this nigga
I cain't let him get away, I'ma pop this nigga - UHH!!!

[Lupe Fiasco]
Plus they don't know about the chopper in the trunk
The Glocks in a box and the nine on tuck
The bulletproof glass, the 40's in the stash
You pull the steerin wheel and it pop on up

Forty caliber stashed up in the stash box
Bulletproof windows, you couldn't break em wit a padlock
Ak in the trunk, where the sounds bump
Two twin Glock 40's, and a nine in his damn crotch

[Lupe Fiasco]
Maaaaaaan, we finna go up in this club, show a lil' love
Get a few drinks, holla at some gurls
Snatch up a pair, leave outta there
Put some 'dro in the air, then go and get some grub

We finna go up in this club, show a lil' love
Get a few drinks, holla at some gurls
Snatch up a pair, leave outta there
Put some 'dro in the air, then catch a few slugs

[Lupe Fiasco]
Ay...ay, ay, pull over right here, I gotta take a pee
and don't go nowhere, nigga wait for me
and if some niggaz do kill you in the next few minutes
Just remember my nigga, it's a heaven for a G

{*music abruptly stops as night air and city ambience is heard*}

[Lupe Fiasco - talking]
Ay ay, hold this right there I'll be
I'll be right back, I gotta take a piss man hold on
Fo' sho, ay man, ay don't leave I'll be right back
Ay, don't leave I'll be back
[car door slams, radio plays Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool"]

[Gemstones - talking]
Hurry your ass up man, damn! *smokes*
Coolest nigga what, Coolest nigga what
Coolest nigga what, hustla fo' LIFE!Ay man! *sniffles and rubs nose*
Aiyyo..nigga hurry yo' ass up! Man.. *sniffs*
Cool ass nigga man *chuckles and coughs*... fuckin three in the mornin
Coolest muh'fucker in the world man, niggaz ain't fuckin with me man
Nigga high, smokin...Fly ass car...*smokes*
I run these motherfuckin streets, niggaz out here lookin for me!
Nigga, I wish a muthafucka would - AY NIGGA HURRY YO' ASS UP, NIGGA!!!
[footsteps approaching and gun clicks]

[unknown voice]
Wassup now, nigga? *Six loud gunshots*
...Ain't too cool now, is you nigga?

["The Cool" in the background begins to slow down and slowly fade]

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