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S.K.I.L.L.Z. Lyrics


[in the background]
Turn it up (c'mon) 9 (everybody) 8 (c'mon louder) 7 (louder) 6 (louder)

[Skillz over background]
Uh yeah, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, drop my singin debut
Do the damn thing - like this
C'mon baby! Uhh, yeah, get my, uh-huh, yeah, uhh, uhh
Yeah, uhh... uhh... uhh, yo

I'm a problem, you better off callin Jake
Before you see me you'll see X doin the Harlem Shake
Ask your man who own the state, I know the album late
But when it's this hot shit you 'posed to wait
Son I spit like fo' bars
Then I got Kevin Liles on the 2-way offerin fo' cars
Skillz get the same cash
For the past two years I've been windin it up like Dame Dash
Ahead like no other, check "From Where???"
First nigga to pop his collar on the album cover
Far as battlin, y'all cats'll get hurt
We can pull out 2-ways, I'll bust yo' ass over your alert
I'm back, don't slip now; I ain't worried
'bout you ballin hard nigga, you on your fifth Loud
Trust me I'm gon' stay
You need to keep your nose clean muh'fucka, I own V-A, c'mon

[Chorus: singer] + (Skillz)
S.K.I., L.L.Z.
V-A MC (do the damn thing do the damn thing)
S.K.I., L.L.Z.
V-A MC (do the damn thing do the damn thing)

So if, he the shit I'ma flush the guy
With a sick-ass flow that'll crush the guy
Hordes of metaphors that'll rush the guy
Type of shit make Bust say "AH-HA, AH-HAH!"
Ha! It's even worse at a show
Cause usually I got whole front row full of hoes
And they all be like ("louder") soundin like ("louder")
Lookin like ("c'mon") you know like ("uhh")
Yo, yeah it happens all the time
Usually they find out I'm cute, give a fuck about a rhyme
You got to trust me kid
When I hear y'all spit I don't do shit but miss the fuck outta Big
And that's real, tell me what's wrong
The reason that you can't get a deal cause you can't make songs
Yo as far as spittin flames
Get a Oscar nigga, actin like you don't know my name, tell 'em


So let the poppers pop, and the breakers break
You can, bounce and rock, or you can roller skate
Yo, I want tall money, clown if I stack it
and it fall, half of it'll land outta town
Yo, I gotta get the crown
How you sayin that you in the game when you know you outta bounds
Try to put the heat to my jaw
I'ma have dogs poppin up like it's meat on the floor
And yo, I spit fly from the door
Walk backwards talkin shit like I'm guidin a tour
Ha, these rap niggaz sayin nothin
Fuckin with me nigga, you musta bumped your head or somethin
Y'all cats is real funny
E'rybody goin platinum, ain't nobody gettin platinum money
I came to drop fellas
Leave you with nothin under yo' ass like a acapella, c'mon

[Chorus] - 4X (first and fourth time without instrumental)

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