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Real Big Lyrics

"Real Big"

[Chorus - Mannie Fresh]
House real big
Cars real big
Belly real big
Everything real big
Rims real big
Pockets real big
Rings real big
Let me tell you how I live

Like that buy that 24's ride that
Ladies, Gentlemen
Gangstas, Pimps
Mammas, Daddys
Stunnas, Shiners
I'm rich bitch, I'm a real Big Tymer

[Verse 1]
King of the hood, everthing wood
Look like a forest in the truck and I'm a put
Matchin __ cassette
Big open deck, hardwood floors in that thing that connect
From the front to the back, try to top that
Six 15's beatin' hard in the deck
Push that button, microwave oven
I'm just gettin' started player, you ain't seen nothin'
"Is that a fish tank, bra, in the middle of the dash?"
Yeah pimpin' don't put your fingers on my glass!
Got a two lane bowling ally up in the truck
And on the other side a bed if she wanna get stuck
Clap off lights when you get an affection
Clap on lights when you findin' protection
Now where iin the wide wide world of gator
Can you ever find a truck with a plush elevator?


[Verse 2]
Here I come so, so right (Right on!)
In the shoes so, so wide (Dynamite!)
Hey y'all peep the outfit
Wait a minute, hold up just a bit (Back up, workin' with a monster)
Now everybody knows I got the shiniest clothes
Y'all still doin' little leage and I'm in the pros
Then white boys go wild "He's my idol"
And black boys say "Dude holdin' the title"
As the king of the south
Work it in and out
And dude still pimp white teeth up in his mouth
I'm the truth from the book shawty, what you wanna see?
I ain't gotta get money man, money get me
Yeah, pimpin' still blindin' (BLING!)
Keep a Steve Harvey linin' (Edgin up)
And I'm leather reclinin' (Laid back)
With the music Alpinin'


[Verse 3]
Move, li'l one I ain't playin'
Land in the projects in a big jet plane
Roll out in a old blue chevy van
With your baby mamma cookin' rookie 'cause I can
I do it on the real
Your broad jockin' stunna grill
I do it on the real
Your broad jockin' stunna grill
'Bout to clown put it down y'all still my girls
Show all y'all shorties how to do donuts
Round and round and round (Skkrrrt! Stop!)
This the part where I give my phone number to all the girls thats hot
Dial 976 that outside dick
Or 874 shorty show me how it go
Have you ever seen a big stretch truck like that?
Now have you ever seen a big broad but like that?
Budonkadonk all out of her pants
With a bowlegged cowboy stance (Yeeehaw!)


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