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MC Hammer Songs Listing

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1. No Stoppin Us (USA) Active Duty    
2. Pick It Up Active Duty    
3. Our Style Active Duty    
4. Pop Yo Collar Active Duty    
5. A Soldier's Letter Active Duty    
6. What Happened To Our Hood Active Duty    
7. Its All Love Active Duty    
8. Bump Love Active Duty    
9. Not Like This Active Duty    
10. Spitin' Fire Active Duty    
11. Don't Be Discouraged Active Duty    
12. I Don't Care Active Duty    
13. Who's Holding It Active Duty    
14. Cali Active Duty    
15. Nite Snow Active Duty    
16. Where Will I Go Active Duty    
17. Bay Livin' Active Duty    
18. Broken Vessle "Commonunity" Active Duty    
19. Why Do You Wanna Take Mine Active Duty    
20. Luv-N-Happiness Inside Out    
21. Sultry Funk Inside Out    
22. Anything Goes On The Dance Floor Inside Out    
23. I Hope Things Change Inside Out    
24. Keep On Inside Out    
25. Everything Is Alright Inside Out    
26. I Need That Number Inside Out    
27. Bustin' Loose Inside Out    
28. Nothing But Love Inside Out    
29. Goin' Up Yonder Inside Out    
30. He Keeps Doing Great Things For Me Inside Out    
31. A Brighter Day Inside Out    
32. Intro: Turn This Mutha Out Let's Get It Started    
33. Let's Get It Started Let's Get It Started    
34. Ring 'Em Let's Get It Started    
35. Cold Go M.C Hammer Let's Get It Started    
36. You're Being Served Let's Get It Started    
37. It's Gone Let's Get It Started    
38. They Put Me In The Mix Let's Get It Started    
39. Son Of A The King Let's Get It Started    
40. That's What I Said Let's Get It Started    

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