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Mr Capone E Biography

Mr Capone E Biography

Chicano rapper Mr. Capone-E built a sizable following for himself throughout southern California, where he found a comfortable home for his hardcore style at Thump Records. He joined the Thump roster after recording his Mr. Capone-E & the Southsiders album (2000) for Hi Power. While at Thump, Capone-E notably recorded Dedicated 2 the Oldies (2003), which featured him interpolating a number of oldies like Rosie & the Originals' "Angel Baby" and the Escorts' "Look Over Your Shoulder."

Capone-E is a American rapper and producer from the Los Angeles, California. He records for the Thump Records and Hi-Power labels. According to his website, he has sold over 500,000 records. Capone-E has collaborated with such hip hop performers as Mr. Criminal, Lil Menace, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, NB Ridaz, Lil Flip, and Nate Dogg.[citation needed] He is most noted for his integration of Motown Sound into the Chicano rap genre, the best known example of which is his rendition of the Rosie & the Originals song "Angel Baby". Although his style is generally considered Chicano rap, his ambiguous ethnicity may have caused him to declaim the genre, preferring to style himself as a "Sureño rapper". Mr. Capone-E calls out T.I. on the hit song "I'm a Banger" off Still Connected with Lil' Flip. He states "Hey T.I. you know who the fuck this is. I hear you spoken some words about some people here on the west. Well I ain't even gonna get on that shit, I'm gon speak on some gangsta shit. King of the South, thats my homeboy Lil' Flip. Yeah we said it, Hi Power, king of the west, the real streets. You know what I'm sayin, yea I see you go through Cloverland and gettin lit up and thats not even Flip tellin me that. We know about that shit, so don't you dare try to pull that shit in L.A. homie!". Mr. Capone-e and Hi-Power Entertainment have recently been in a high profile "beef" with Snapper and Mad Glock records. Many diss tracks have been recorded on both sides. It started when Snapper left Hi-Power Entertainment and started Mad Glock records. He left on good terms and even recorded a song with Mr. Capone-e and Mr. Criminal. Yet, Snapper wanted the rights to his first album, but was not granted them, resulting in a high profile beef, Snapper was also accused of being homosexual. Snapper then took a shit in Capone-E's turban. They now have people behind both sides of the story with the contreversy of snapper getting "knocked the fuck out." Known custom Turban maker Ali Jambuu Singh has had a very heated rivalry with Mr. Capone-E throughout the duration of his career. In 2002, Mr. Capone-E reportedly asked Singh to custom craft a blue rag print turban with a diamond jewel on the forehead piece. Once Singh completed this project, Capone-E and a gang of magic carpet thugs reportedly took the custom turban without paying, and made off with a truckload of turbans which was set to ship out to Pakistan the next morning. Two weeks later, Capone-E's cousin Ese Ghanjii was shot and killed in a mysterious home invasion. Capone-E has called out Ali Jambuu Singh and his regime in songs, and put a price out on his head.

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