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41. Dying With Your Boots On The World Is Yours    
42. Dying With Your Boots On The Best Of Scarface    
43. Eye 4 an Eye Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly    
44. Faith Untouchable    
45. Favor for a Favor I Amů    
46. Fixed The Fix    
47. For Real Untouchable    
48. Fuck Faces The Best Of Scarface    
49. Fuck Faces (Feat. Too Short, Tela, Devin) My Homies    
50. Fuckin With Face Balls And My Word    
51. Funky Lil Aggin The World Is Yours    
52. G Code The Foundation    
53. G Type One Hunid    
54. G's The Diary    
55. Game Over The Best Of Scarface    
56. Game Over (Feat. Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Too Short) Untouchable    
57. Get Out The Last Of A Dying Breed    
58. Get Out The Best Of Scarface    
59. Geto Boys and Girls The Resurrection    
60. Girl You Know M.A.D.E    
61. Git Out My Face M.A.D.E    
62. Go (Feat. Nina) M.A.D.E    
63. Goin' Down The Diary    
64. Good Girl Gone Bad Mr. Scarface Is Back    
65. Good Girl Gone Bad The Best Of Scarface    
66. Gota Let Your Nuts Hang We Can't Be Stopped    
67. Gotta Get One Hunid    
68. Gotta Get Paid My Homies, Pt. 2    
69. Greed My Homies    
70. Guess Who's Back The Fix    
71. Guess Who's Back The Best Of Scarface    
72. Hand Of The Dead Body The Diary    
73. Hand Of The Dead Body The Best Of Scarface    
74. He's Dead The World Is Yours    
75. Heaven The Fix    
76. Homies & Thuggs (The Remix) (Feat. Tupac, Master P) My Homies    
77. Homies & Thuggs (Version) (Feat. Tupac, Master P) My Homies    
78. Homies and Thugs (Remix) The Best Of Scarface    
79. Hustle One Hunid    
80. Hustler My Homies    

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