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201. Funky Lil Aggin The World Is Yours    
202. Fuckin With Face Balls And My Word    
203. Fuck Faces (Feat. Too Short, Tela, Devin) My Homies    
204. Fuck Faces The Best Of Scarface    
205. For Real Untouchable    
206. Fixed The Fix    
207. Favor for a Favor I Am…    
208. Faith Untouchable    
209. Eye 4 an Eye Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly    
210. Dying With Your Boots On The World Is Yours    
211. Dying With Your Boots On The Best Of Scarface    
212. Don't Testify My Homies    
213. Don't Matter One Hunid    
214. Dollar M.A.D.E    
215. Dog These Ho's (Feat. E-Rock, C-Note) My Homies    
216. Do What You Want (Feat. Devin) My Homies    
217. Do What You Do (Feat. Bushwick Bill, K.B, B-Legit) My Homies    
218. Dirty Money (Feat Tanya Herron) Balls And My Word    
219. Diary Of A Madman Mr. Scarface Is Back    
220. Diary Of A Madman The Best Of Scarface    
221. Defintion Of Real My Homies, Pt. 2    
222. Declaration of War The Foundation    
223. Dead Broke One Hunid    
224. Daddy's Gone Somethin' Serious    
225. Crip 4 Life Bangin' on Wax, Vol. 2: The ...    
226. Conspiracy Theory The Last Of A Dying Breed    
227. Comin' Agg The World Is Yours    
228. Cocaine My Homies    
229. Club Bangaz My Homies, Pt. 2    
230. City Under Siege (Feat. Facemob) My Homies    
231. Burn (Feat. Z-Ro) M.A.D.E    
232. Boy Meets Girl (Feat. Tanya Herron) M.A.D.E    
233. Born Killer Mr. Scarface Is Back    
234. Boo Boo'n (Feat. Devin) My Homies    
235. Body Snatchers Mr. Scarface Is Back    
236. Body Snatcher The Best Of Scarface    
237. Bitch Nigga (Feat. Z-Ro, Dirt Bomb & Bu B of UGK) Balls And My Word    
238. Big Dogg Status (Feat. Wacko) M.A.D.E    
239. Balls And My Word Balls And My Word    
240. B's & H's Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly    

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