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Static Major Biography

Static Major Biography

Stephen "Static Major" Garrett (November 11, 1974 February 25, 2008) was an American R&B singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer from Louisville, Kentucky. A member of the R&B trio Playa, Static Major wrote for artists such as Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Destiny's Child, Brandy, and JoJo.Stephen Ellis Garrett was born and raised in Louisville in a family of musicians. Growing up, he sang in the choir at his church, where his sister played piano, his mother was the musical director, and his father was the pastor. As a member of Playa, Static began his musical career under the tutelage of Jodeci's DeVante Swing, and formed kinships with fellow members of DeVante's Swing Mob such as Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and Ginuwine. After the Swing Mob members parted company with DeVante, Static and the rest of Playa worked extensively as songwriters, co-producers, and background singers for the colleagues. Static was one of Ginuwine's main songwriters, penning the lyrics to Timbaland-produced Ginuwine hits such as "Pony", "What's So Different", and "So Anxious". Static also wrote much of Playa's material when the group signed with Def Jam Records in the mid-1990s, including Playa's 1998 hit single "Cheers 2 U" from the album of the same name. Also in 1998, Static wrote the lyrics for Aaliyah's hit single "Are You That Somebody". Following the success of "Are You That Somebody", Static became Aaliyah's main lyricist, and wrote many singles and album tracks for the singer. Static's writing credits for Aaliyah include "Come Back in One Piece", "We Need a Resolution", "Rock the Boat", "More Than a Woman", and the number-one single "Try Again" from the 2000 film Romeo Must Die. During this period, Static also wrote for Nicole Wray ("Eyes Better Not Wander") and Destiny's Child ("Say My Name (Timbaland's Remix)") as well. After Aaliyah's death in 2001, Static went on to write for other artists; his later co-writing credits include Truth Hurts' "Addictive" and Brandy's "Come as You Are". Aside from his longtime association with Timbaland, Static also collaborated with producers Scott Storch, Dr. Dre, and Jazze Pha. In the mid-2000s, Static worked with R&B group Pretty Ricky, R&B singer Tank, and appeared on David Banner's 2004 single "Crank It Up". Static later signed to Blackground Records, label home of Aaliyah and Tank, as a solo artist. He was last featured on Lil Wayne's song "Lollipop" and video which was shot in Las Vegas, the first single off Tha Carter III.

Tragically, he died on February 25, 2008 in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The cause of death was due to complications from a botched medical procedure performed at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville. It was originally suspected to be due to a brain aneurism, but it was just a rumor which was confirmed by one of his relatives and announced by his former Playa band mate Smoke Digglera on Myspace: "There have been many different speculations about the death of my brother, Stephen Ellis "Static/Major" Garrett. I write this blog entry to set the record straight. I, also, ask that you direct all to this blog for the truth. I spoke to my sister-in-law, Static's wife, yesterday at the funeral, and she, again, permits me to do this. She, also, wants all to know "the truth in the booth." On the day of February 25th, Static was in Atlanta, and began to feel sick. His desire was to go home (Louisville, Kentucky) to be around family and seek medical attention. He had a virus. I, still, don't know what the name of this virus was, but it was not a life-threatening issue, I do know. This particular virus affects the muscles, throat (quivering of the voice), as well as, causes drooping of the eye. He had no history of illnesses or anything of that nature. Anyone that knows Static, knows that he didn't like hospitals. He suffered the death of his sister in the late 80's, when we first met, and had a conscious or phobia about hospitals. I'm sure he's not the only one. I, now, have that conscious. But, he knew he needed medical attention to become well. When he admitted himself to Baptist Hospital East in Louisville, Kentucky, the doctors presented him with medicine that would treat the virus. The treatment was taking the medicine through a shunt, in the neck, which treats more severe cases of this virus. Quicker than taking pills for days. Though, he didn't want the shunt, the doctors insisted that he treat it this way. The treatment was a form of dialysis to filter the blood of the virus. He called his mom and told her, "Mama, something doesn't feel right. It hurts." When the doctor's were made aware that the shunt was hurting him, they took it out......it was over! When taking the shunt out, they took it out in the wrong manner that resulted in damaging the artery. He bled to death! They killed my brother, his wife's husband, his kids' father, his mom's son, and the world's musical inspiration. His death was ruled "accidental". He didn't have to die! But, I will say this. In situations like these, I feel that it was time to go home. And, it's not our decision on whether or not to stay. There is one thing that's guaranteed in this life, and that is, we all have to die, in some point and time, and in some way or another. The moral of this story is do not put off for tomorrow what u could do today! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised! Do whatever it is that you have to do and whatever it is that you want to do TODAY! I will be writing more on Static/Major, due to the fact that I, regardless, am highly upset and disappointed in Baptist Hospital East and their procedures on Monday, February 25, 2008." - Smoke Digglera

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