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Sunz of Man Biography

Sunz of Man Biography

Prior to being affiliated with Wu-Tang, Sunz were known as da Last Future and included Shabazz the Disciple and 7th Ambassador but not 60-Second Assassin, and producer Supreme. 7th Ambassador retired before the group's Wu-affiliated days really got started. It was the first group signed to Wu-Tang Records and released several singles in anticipation of its debut album Nothing New under the Sun. It has been rumored that this album was actually completed (there were several ads on various hip-hop magazines such as The Source) and included the songs "No Love Without Hate," "Five Arch Angels," and "Soldiers of Darkness." It has been said that this album had a much darker atmosphere than its official debut album The Last Shall be First, with the bulk of the production coming from 4th Disciple and additional beats by The RZA, True Master, Mathematics, Supreme, Y-Kim, and the late Grym Reaper (Gravediggaz). Just prior to the release, the group signed a deal with now-defunct major label-distributed Red Ant Entertainment and was forced to scrap the project and shelve it in favor to a more listener-friendly sound. It then started to work on The Last Shall be First in 1998, which was met with mixed reactions from longtime fans who were expecting a darker sound. Before the release of this album, both Killah Priest and Shabazz began to clash with Wu leader The RZA, both eventually effectively cutting their Wu ties, and leaving the group for solo careers. Supreme was kicked out of the group in late 2000 when it was discovered he had been heavily bootlegging the group's music, including leaking a full-length album titled The First Testament. Killah Priest, who was absent from the recording of the group's second album proper, Savior’z Day in 2002, rediscovered his Wu-Tang ties and is expected to work with the group again soon, while Shabazz made his official return to Sunz of Man in early 2003.

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