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The Roots Songs Listing

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1. Brain This Is Jungle Brothers    
2. Act Won (Things Fall Apart) Things Fall Apart    
3. Table of Contents, Pts. 1 & 2 Things Fall Apart    
4. The Next Movement Things Fall Apart    
5. Step into the Realm Things Fall Apart    
6. The Spark Things Fall Apart    
7. Dynamite Things Fall Apart    
8. Without A Doubt Things Fall Apart    
9. Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New Things Fall Apart    
10. Double Trouble Things Fall Apart    
11. Act Too ( Love Of My Life) Things Fall Apart    
12. 100% Dundee Things Fall Apart    
13. Diedre Vs Dice Things Fall Apart    
14. Adrenaline! Things Fall Apart    
15. 3rd Acts: ? Vs. Scratch 2...Electric Boogaloo Things Fall Apart    
16. You Got Me Things Fall Apart    
17. Don't See Us Things Fall Apart    
18. The Return To Innocence Lost Things Fall Apart    
19. Act Fore...The End? Things Fall Apart    
20. Star/Pointro The Tipping Point    
21. I Don't Care The Tipping Point    
22. Don't Say Nuthin The Tipping Point download  
23. Guns Are Drawn The Tipping Point    
24. Stay Cool The Tipping Point    
25. Web The Tipping Point    
26. Boom! The Tipping Point    
27. Somebody's Gotta Do It The Tipping Point    
28. Duck Down! The Tipping Point    
29. Why, What Going On? The Tipping Point    
30. Live At The T Connection The Roots Come Alive    
31. The Next Movement The Roots Come Alive    
32. Step Into the Realm The Roots Come Alive    
33. Proceed The Roots Come Alive download  
34. Mellow My Man (Live) The Roots Come Alive    
35. Love of my Life The Roots Come Alive    
36. The Ultimate The Roots Come Alive    
37. Don't See Us The Roots Come Alive    
38. 100% Dundee The Roots Come Alive    
39. Adrenaline The Roots Come Alive    
40. Essaywhuman The Roots Come Alive    

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