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Tyga Biography

Tyga Biography

Michael Stevenson, better know by his stage name Tyga, is a pop rap artist signed in late 2007 by Young Money Entertainment and Decaydance. Tyga is also the cousin of Travis McCoy, lead vocalist of the group Gym Class Heroes. Tyga has lived in Compton, California and is a native of Gardena, California. Tyga achieved his first recognition opening for Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes during the Young Wild Things Tour in late 2007. He's also received much acclaim and admiration for his top notch performance with Lil' Wayne at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas. His first single, "Coconut Juice," was released in March 2008 and was directed by Rage. His first mixtape, No Introduction the Series: April 10th, was released online in April. The second part to the series, No Introduction the Series: May 10th, was released in May. On May 14, 2008, Tyga revealed to Buzznet that the second single will likely be "First Timers" and will probably be released in the Fall of 2008, "when everybody goes back to school, when everybody doesn't want a girlfriend or boyfriend anymore, 'cause it's not summer. So probably around September we'll drop that."

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