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Yungstar grew up on the west side of Houston and began rapping at age ten. In the early '90s, he began working with DenDen, CEO of Straight Profit Records. He first gained attention freestyling over tapes made by DJ Screw and emerged nationally with a guest appearance on Lil' Troy's "Wanna Be a Baller." Straight Profit released his debut album, Throwed Yung Playa, and it sold 40,000 copies before...

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Yungstar Discography

Throwed Yung Playas, Pt. 2

Throwed Yung Playas, Pt. 2

Label: Straight Profit Records
Release Date: June 20, 2000
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Throwed Yung Playa

Throwed Yung Playa

Label: Sony
Release Date: February 1, 2000
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