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Buffalo Bills Charles Clay Jersey

Started by xiaoming, 2015/11/09 03:56AM
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Buffalo Bills Charles Clay Jersey
#1   2015/11/09 03:56AM
Why is measuring effectiveness important?
Often the most neglected parts of delivering change and measuring effectiveness can not only help you understand how successful youve been Buffalo Bills Charles Clay Jersey , but also pinpoint what else needs to be done. Too many change initiatives die a slow and painful death, and this stage helps ensure that the necessary focus and momentum is not lost. After all, thats what Making Change Stick is all about.

A measurement exercise provides a fantastic opportunity to ask the question.have we done enough to show people how to work differently? You should consider if you have the right support from within the business to make the change sustainable, and if youve created the right culture and environment that enables the new way of working to thrive.

Measurement isnt something that should only be considered at the end of a project. Right from the early planning stages you should be considering how to measure the success of each of your objectives. If your outcomes arent measurable, then they probably arent the right ones.

Measurement can produce both quantitative and qualitative data. To get the facts and figures you should set a baseline at the start of your project and measure the things youre aiming to improve, such as cost, or operational efficiency. Monitor your progress along the way, which will affirm that youre doing the right things Buffalo Bills John Miller Jersey , or indicate that another approach may be necessary. Either way, regular monitoring or measurement can only help your cause.

If youre moving in the right direction, these facts and figures, together with additional qualitative feedback from employees and stakeholders, will really help you sell the story to those either about to be impacted by the change, or those who may be rejecting it.

Your measurement activities can fall into 3 categories;

1. Stakeholder Relationships
2. Learning and Coaching
3. Communications and Engagement

Stakeholder Relationships
Measuring effectiveness and embedding the change deep into your organisation can be quickly reflected in the attitude and approach of senior leaders.

Have you spent enough time influencing the right people who will really help make the change stick after youre gone? Strong and vocal senior leaders can be great advocates for you. After all, somebody else selling your own story is far more effective than doing it yourself.

Learning and Coaching
After delivering your training sessions it is absolutely essential to ask yourselves the questions;
Have you mapped out the key skills and competencies required by the new way of working?
Have you equipped your target audience with them, and do they know whats expected?
To what extent did participants change their behaviour back in the workplace as a result of the training?

Afiniti has utilised the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model Level Three Buffalo Bills Ronald Darby Jersey , which is a recognised standard for measuring the long term effectiveness of training programmes. It evaluates training based on three key criteria:
Knowledge Transfer – Could you do what you were trained in immediately after your training?
Knowledge Retention – Can you still do what you were trained in now?
Value Add to the Business:
Can you still do what you were trained in now?
How important is the information you have learned to your work?
How frequently do you use what you have learned?
The criteria is assessed through a short questionnaire completed after an agreed time period after the training has taken place. A report based on the findings is created and presented back to the client.
This measurement is vital in assessing the long term value and return on investment of training, something that is all too often overlooked.

Communications and Engagement

The right sponsorship and the right skills wont make change stick on their own. You need to create the right culture and environment that encourages the right behaviours to enable your business to thrive.

Have you done enough to show people how to work differently? Youll need to captured what good looks like and share it with your employees. Case studies and success stories can be tremendously powerful, if told by those involved, demonstrating the benefits to the organisation and the team.

Surveys and focus groups can help you understand your progress. You can create new communication channels dedicated to the new way of working that allow employees to contribute and share their ideas.

You could consider creating a mini brand for your project which can give it an identity and enable your employees to connect with it.

People listen to people, and moreover, they listen to their colleagues. Recruit change agents as advocates for your project, and use them to communicate key messages, and keep their fingers on the pulse of the organisation.

Finally Thurma... Thomas Jersey , why not do the Afiniti Change Readiness assessment? Measure your organisation against all six levers, and see how youve done!

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