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that 80% of men say (or said, in a

Started by Lemontree16, 2015/12/04 12:46AM
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that 80% of men say (or said, in a
#1   2015/12/04 12:46AM
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let’s please take a moment to thank ourselves.on why, oops, we’re not getting married.In last weekend’s New York Times, there was an op-ed challenging the belief that 70% of black women remain single;Unlike Bolick, Walker dared breathe no suggestion that if the institution of marriage is limping, maybe we should just walk away.But the majority remain stuck with a lifelong attachment to lifelong attachment.Or, shall I say, a lifelong attachment to the idea of lifelong attachment.This was also the regrettable year in which we all kept up with the Kardashians, even without watching (I swear!a single episode of the show.It was impossible not to know that Kim got married, in August, smack in the dead days of television, bringing her gajillion-dollar enterprise a network record-imploding 10.It was impossible not to know that Kim got divorced, on Halloween, after 72 days of marriage (or, a third of the length of Hermain Cain’s campaign).by the incredibly romantic business of being herself on E!Entertainment Television.million and weighed 20.It was impossible not to know that she kept it.And it was impossible not to wonder, again, if all this rigamarole isn’t really more about the ring than what the ring represents.are a-flash with full-page ads selling forever diamonds.It’s telling of the institution just how dated Discount Short Wedding Dresses , how traditional, how frankly tacky and bougie and lame these rings look.and felt like a dude in the ’90s trying to tell the difference between little black dresses.It’s telling also that in both lads and ladies mags, the rings are for the ladies.Tiffany’s has launched the dedicated engagement site WhatMakesLoveTrue.s, so expectation-maxing and pornily voyeuristic, that it should really be WhatMakesLoveTrue.proposals: in one, he takes her deep-sea diving for pearls, but she finds a diamond instead.Jesus, like speaking of pressure levels.Anyway, to the great credit of Tiffany’s ad agency, What Makes Love True doesn’t position the ring as the end goal of romance; what’s being sold here is more subtly implied.If it seems strange that 80% of men say (or said, in a few-years-ago survey) they would accept a proposal from a woman, but only 9% of women would propose, it helps not to accuse both sides of lying to themselves (that too, though), but to look long and hard at the ring.I think women still want that ring, and as with anything sparkling and over-the-top and too expensive, we want to be given it.You know, ’cause it’s a symbol of enduring love and commitment, but like, dudely.On something of a whatever note, recent word has it the young Selena Gomez.

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