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always been a fan of

Started by Lemontree16, 2015/12/13 03:04AM
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always been a fan of
#1   2015/12/13 03:04AM
like it was torn from a Tumblr page A Line Wedding Dresses , yet she makes it appear as though it comes naturally, like she was born with a crown made of pink geraniums.Full Comment’s Araminta Wordsworth brings you a daily round-up of quality punditry from across the globe.Pity the Virginia governor who couldn’t afford a pricey haute couture frock for his wife to wear at his inauguration.That was the plight of Bob McDonnell, who found winning the state’s top job came with a hefty price tag.We are broke, have an unconscionable amount in credit card debt already, and this Inaugural is killing us!Oscar de la Renta dress.Federal prosecutors charged the now ex-governor and his wife in a gift-giving scandal this pay for the catering at ftheir daughter’s wedding, a Rolex watch, Louis Vuitton shoes, Cape Cod weekends, golf greens fees and thousands of dollars in cash.the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson has no laws about corruption.who formed its governing class.Before he left office, even Mr.McDonnell agreed the state’s ethics rules needed taking a different tack.The argument: He did nothing different from President Barack Obama and former governor Tim Kaine, reports Josh Gerstein at Politico.The President routinely participates in corporate events which lend credibility to his major benefactors, invites benefactors to events at the White House, allows his photo to be taken with benefactors, and includes benefactors in policy discussions with senior administration officials.Politics is replete with examples of major benefactors receiving more substantial government benefits than anything suggested here.The New York Times Jonathan Martin and Michael D.Shears explain the Virginian mindset.restrictions on what gifts family members of Virginia officeholders can accept or any limits whatsoever on the source or size of campaign contributions to politicians.has for centuries fancied itself a haven of good government led by public-spirited citizens dating to Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.up to date is long face criminal charges.One of Virginia’s Ways has sometimes been used to justify the other: The state needn’t bother itself with tough public ethics laws, the self-satisfied argument went, because of the self-evident virtues of its exemplary political culture.McDonnell is Exhibit A for the vacuity of that point of view.If federal prosecutors are correct, he put himself squarely on the wrong side of the law even in Virginia’s permissive environment.Amy Davidson at The New Yorker is offended by the pettiness of the couple’s graft and their sense of entitlement.Like the maddest sort of sex scandal Lace Wedding Dresses , the greed is both unbounded and imaginatively constrained.It’s like hearing about a politician sexting or seeing a prostitute and asking oneself, He gave it all up for that?rather than serious money, or that he wasn’t, say, accepting a bid from an unsafe cement contractor which would allow a bridge somewhere to collapse.and not just in Virginia.Dear Sam,I’m painting our condo white again.I made a horrible choice three years ago.I painted test patches and thought I’d chosen well, but after I’d paid the painters the walls looked peach.I cried like a baby!I want the right white this time.Please suggest the perfect white.I can’t tell a damn bit of difference between the different test patches on the wall.Thanks, KelHi Kel,You’re not the first person to cry after the paint has dried, especially white.I find white can go two ways: flesh-toned or science lab.Neither shade’s a winner.When I read your question, I asked a few design friends to tell me their favourite whites.Here’s what they Farrow Ball is a warm clean white that beautifully complements white linen, and doesn’t yellow over time.I painted my living room walls this colour 10 years ago and it still looks fresh and inviting.I use Benjamin Moore Cloud White (CC-40) with neutral colours and Benjamin Moore Distant Gray (OC-68) with cool colours.They work with anything.Always Farrow Ball’s Pointing for a warm wall white.It cuts the glare when the sun is shining brightly and at night it takes on a very rich tone verging on pale, pale beige.warm and slightly aged looking, with undertones of cream and a tint of grey.I still love Cloud White for walls.I’ve never found anything better.It’s warm but still fresh.Cloud White is almost a fail-safe choice.It looks good in almost any home, no matter the quality of light.It falls into the warmer white category and has a nice richness and depth to it.I reach for Cloud White.My whites are always in balance with other finishes in a home.I use Cloud White for warm transitional spaces or Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White (CC-30) for cool modern ones.Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White OC-9 is chalky, slightly grey white.Never harsh but fresh and clean.Cotton Balls OC-122 from Benjamin Moore is a very clean and crisp white and is slightly brighter than other, more common Satin Wedding Dresses , white paints.It is perfect for ceilings, doors and trim and lends itself to contemporary spaces.I love Farrow Ball’s All White 2005 for its pure, chalky finish.It’s a clean, simple, reliable white.Benjamin Moore’s Simply White OC-117.It’s clean, fresh and yet it’s warm.There are no yellow or peach undertones, and it’s not chalky.We’ve used it in modern and traditional interiors and it’s a perfect backdrop for any accent palette.Wedding White 70YY/037 by Glidden/ICI.This warm white with a slight yellow undertone looks crisp, inviting, and it creates a perfect backdrop to display art work.I’ve always been a fan of Natural White by Glidden/ICI.Not too stark, not too yellow, just the right tone to complement all the fabulous colours you’ll dress your walls in!As for me, for traditional spaces, I like Farrow Ball’s off-white Slipper Satin No.walls and trim) and Pointing (ceilings).For modern spaces, I’ve been using Oxford White because House Home s Joel Bray used it in his New York-style apartment and I liked it.And you can do this, too: Make an informed deci.

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