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Cool Base Rickey Henderson Jersey

Started by wuming, 2016/05/10 06:46AM
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Cool Base Rickey Henderson Jersey
#1   2016/05/10 06:46AM
锘? The seventh in a series of articles entitled Know Your Business Lak... Shaquille O'Neal Jersey , which explores how to identify the perfect business to run and is written by entrepreneur and multi business owner James Keightley, who runs his own ecommerce business and business coaching consultancy.

By now you will start to have a really clear idea about certain aspects of what your business will look and feel like having already narrowed down and reflected on your preferred environments, behaviours, skills and capabilities that you identified during the previous articles in the Know Your Business series.

You may already have arrived at your business idea and know exactly what it is that you want to do. However, for others it may still lack some clarity and you may want to explore in more details what sort of business your preferred environments, behaviours and capabilities will be enjoyable for you.

What sort of business are you seeing for yourself Lakers Robert Horry Jersey , what shoes do you want to walk in or how do you want to introduce yourself when you meet someone for the first time? What is your business card going to say about you? What do you want to bounce out of bed for in a morning?

It is time to start to believe in your skills and capabilities and conceptualize on your preferred behaviours and environments by taking time to really start to pull all of your work together and decide what business you are going to enjoy exploring.

Take yourself for a walk and really reflect on those three sentences you constructed, three for your preferred environment, three for your preferred behaviour and three for your preferred skills and capabilities and notice what sort of images these are producing of you running your own business

Email your family and friends with the list of your sentences, together with any beliefs you have about what sort of business you see yourself running and see what responses you get.

Take a tip from Walt Disney this is a great strategy, devised by Walt Disney to help him develop his business and it really brings out the creative side of you and helps you pull all those thoughts and ideas together in to a solution.

Stand in an open space an visually mark out three points around you. Imagine you are stood in the centre of a triangle and mark out three spots at the end of each of the three corners of the triangle. Mark one spot as the dreamer, the second as the realist and the third as the Lake... Michael Cooper Jersey , critic.

From the centre of the triangle step on to the spot you have visually marked out as dreamer and recall a time in your life when you were really creative, had some wild ideas and where inhibitions did not stop you from being creative. Visualise and relive that moment in all of its glory and full colours as if you are right back in the moment. Once you have fully immersed yourself in your past creative experience step back in to the centre of the triangle.

Stop and focus on your breathing and spell your name backwards (I wont explain the reason as it will complicate the process, but trust me, it is OK to spell your name backwards).

Now step forwards and occupy the spot you visually marked our as the realist. Think of a time when you gave careful consideration to something and looked at it from a pragmatic point of view. Relieve the moment and how you thought about the situation. Now step back in to the centre of the triangle and spell your mothers name backwards as you pay attention to your breathing.
Finally, step on to the spot that you visually marked out as the critic and think of a time where you constructively evaluated a past situation. Notice how you felt about the situation, what attention you gave it and how you weighed up all aspects of it Lake... Louis Williams Jersey , paying attention to possible problematic areas of it. Now return to the centre of the triangle, focus on your breathing and spell your name backwards again.

Now we are going to apply the creative process to identifying the true identity of who you are as a business owner. Stand in the centre of the triangle with the belief you are your own boss and will be running, operating and enjoying your own business using all of the skills and capabilities you prefer, behaving just the way you like and in the environment you enjoy.

Step on to the spot you marked out as the dreamer and connect with that past feeling a creative thinking. As you do so look up and think about the three environments, behaviours and skills you have identified, together with any other suggestion you have received and allow you mind to explore what business would allow you to utilise as many Lakers Larry Nance Jersey , if not all of these features. Be as free, as wild and as creative as you wish. Do not allow the reality or possibility of your thoughts to feature in this process. Just think openly and as if whatever you think of will unquestionably occur at some point.

Notice what ideas you come up with based around your preferred environments, behaviour and capabilities, and once you have some, move to the next spot you marked out as the realist. As you step on to this spot immerse yourself back in to the state you recognise when you have looked at things pragmatically in the past. Now consider the ideas you have just dreamt up from a position of reality by asking yourself questions such as, how will I put these dreams in to practice Lakers Kurt Rambis Jersey , what would happen to make it real, how will I know when it is achieved, what would happen when it works, what steps do I need to consider?

Next, step forward in to the spot you visually marked out at the critic and think about your ideas in terms of strengths and weaknesses, is there anything missing Laker... Julius Randle Jersey , what do you get out of it, what else might need to take place for it to be a reality, who might object, what might others point out about my ideas?

Now repeat the proc锘? Science experiments in chemist.

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