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nike roshe run rojas y blancas

Started by Zhang Wen, 2016/06/24 11:41PM
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nike roshe run rojas y blancas
#1   2016/06/24 11:41PM
Zhang Wen
Ebooks and Pbooks: What?s the Future First nike roshe run rojas y blancas , please allow me to hatch a name so we can quickly relate the products. Ebooks is obvious and has been out for years ? Electronic Books, designed to be read on a screen (computer, PDA device, specialty readers such as the Kindle, etc.). Pbooks would then equal Published Books, those basically made of paper and ink and held in your hands, generally, to be read. Maybe someone has already hatched the name, Pbooks, but that?s what I?ll use here. What are the markets? It was predicted that the Pbook market would be approximately $50 billion by 2008 and the Ebook market would be about $25 billion. However, it was also estimated that by the end of the 2000?s decade, both markets would be almost equal and that soon after nike roshe run floral baratas , the Ebook market would have the largest sales volume. Pbooks will definitely not go away, but they will become more expensive, ?stores? will carry fewer of them and mostly from only the biggest name authors, and they will become much harder for an author to get published because publishers will be behind the economic eight ball on them (more costly to produce, higher prices to readers and therefore fewer sales.) In other words, there?s a lot of money out there that people will want to capture their portion of, but every dollar will be harder to get. Who are the readers? Pbook readers are basically those who like to hold a book in their hands, put it down when they feel like it, scribble notes in it, and who generally hold onto them. They don?t readily give them away; the books often end up in personal libraries (even if those might be cardboard boxes in the garage). With novels currently costing around $20 and up, they are much more critical of what they purchase, and they think twice about giving them up. Pbook readers are basically easy chair nike roshe run flores , relaxing time readers who don?t rush through life. (I will probably not be renewing a business magazine I currently read because they have gone to a weekly computer all the news version with a monthly magazine dedicated to just major topics. I enjoyed being able to sit back and read the current news, and I don?t care to open up my computer every time I want to read or re read an article.) Ebook readers, on the other hand, are much more likely to be people on the go, rushing from item to item with little time to sit back and enjoy a book. They are more interested in the price of a book (how low can you go) and how fast they can get it. With the average Ebooks pricing below $10, they are also much more willing to give the Ebook away to a friend, or ultimately delete it from their reader to put in new ones. To a degree, the cheapest Ebooks will get the most attention. If Ebooks are ever able to be truly pirated (isn?t everything? ? remember Napster?), then the biggest ?market? will quickly become the stolen cheapie resale one. Publishers and Marketers? There are only about thirty or so full scale, name brand Pbook publishers (who have the vast majority of revenue) versus multi thousands of small ones. A very few of these, large or small, are just now beginning to break into the Ebook business nike roshe run granates y blancas , and most of them very reluctantly. (Remember, Ebooks take away from Pbook revenue, and that?s where most of the publishing cost and profit is.) Publishers of Ebooks, though, are growing almost exponentially because of the ease of getting into the business and the huge profit of selling the Ebooks. Once they purchase a bit of software to convert Pbooks into Ebooks, the cost of marketing, selling and shipping them is almost nothing ? therefore, major, if smaller, profit on each sale. Even if they have to purchase sales rights from authors, the distribution costs are still negligible. If you add in the marketers such as Amazon who basically don?t even touch the books they sell, the sales market is wide open to the very low cost Ebooks of every type. So What?s the Future? I?m not going to speak here about the market and profit of publishers and marketers except to say there will eventually come a blood bath. With the ability to produce and market Ebooks at such low costs nike roshe run granates mujer , the prices from the Amazons, WalMarts, eBays, and so on will go lower and lower and it will truly become survival of the cheapest. Witness the prices from the above even today. A new novel ?retailing? at $20 is immediately cut to $15 or less by the ?big boxes,? and that cut comes right out of the author?s profit. The normal 40 discount from publisher to bookstore immediately becomes a demanded 60 80 discount to go with the big guys, still WITH the right of unlimited returns. Where does an author go today? What should they be trying to do? The answer is simple, but very complex. Unfortunately, most authors, especially new ones, have no real idea of what goes on in the publishing business and think that if they write a pretty good story, someone else will take their book by the hand, market it well nike roshe run granates comprar , print it, stock it and ship it and then send along a decent commission check every few months. Oh, guess again, and worse is coming as we move further into the electronic book age. First and foremost, authors must become intensely involved in the production and marketing of their own works. The days of leaving it all in the hands of ?others? is long gone and will only get worse. Authors must become educated in what actually happens in the industry and how they can manage their way through it. From book design and setup to distribution and marketing, an author must know what is happening and control as much of it as they can. (Read the January 24, 2010 article in the NY Times, James Patterson Inc, to see how much the most prolific writer of our age controls his own destiny.) Second, authors MUST watch developments in the Ebook world and know what they can or should be doing about it. To ignore it is foolish. If it goes on to become THE thing and we just let it walk away from us, shame on us.

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