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nike lunarglide 5 mujer

Started by Zhang Wen, 2016/06/24 11:46PM
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nike lunarglide 5 mujer
#1   2016/06/24 11:46PM
Zhang Wen
Bard - Collie (Bud Cauley) will become the sixth bypass-school ni... lunarglide 5 mujer , direct access to PGA Tour card players. In fact, his performance far better than their predecessors. Perhaps from now on, we need a lot of attention to such a family is not rich college dropouts had. In the U.S. Navy, Bill - Mercury (Bill Cauley) is a diver, he know much about golf, he only naval base in Hong Kong headquarters plum (Mayport Naval Station) occasionally play it. But he was sufficiently aware of their son's interest in the sport great. When Bard - Mercury five years old, he got the first set of clubs, he seemed reluctant to let go this club. Father and son often went in the evening, when a public golf course, practice it to practice in a few hours. They chipping, putting, has got to the store closed ni... lunarglide 4 mujer , slipped quietly this time they first hole tee, has been hit the night. "We know how to use pennies." Budd - Corley said Tuesday. From another point of view, must not only pennies to use, but greater returns. Bard - Mercury is about to become the PGA Tour's "minorities." 21-year-old child last Sunday in the Valley Golf Club, shot 66 the heart and, ultimately, Fry Open on the third single, earned $ 340,000. In other words, in the seven games he accumulated to 671,150 dollars, which is equivalent to the PGA Tour money list nike shox tlx , the first 114. If the Bard - Mercury has been maintained to the end of the season in the top 125 money, he will become the first six, after turning professional, do not accept the Qualifying School will be able to get his PGA Tour card players. Remaining two games - and this week, Bard - Mercury will join Mike Gerald Ray Classic (McGladrey Classic) - it all looks quite safe. Another five players to do this are - Ryan - Moore (Ryan Moore), - Tiger Woods, Justin - Justin Leonard (Justin Leonard), Phil Mickelson and Gary - Huobo cells (Gary Hallberg). Bard - Mercury allow yourself to so far. Just four months ago, he was one year ahead of the end of the University of Alabama academic turned professional. He from the NCAA tournament arena to Mississippi's U.S. Open qualifying venue. Next, he played at Congressional Country Club, a professional debut on the U.S. Open final in a tie for 63rd. Next, he played on the PGA Tour 22 nike shox turbo , in addition to five than all the rest to surrender 60s. It should be said Bard - Mercury is one of this year's outstanding students. UCLA is currently read in sophomore Patrick - Kante Li (Patrick Cantlay) received the most attention. In the U.S. Open to become the best amateur players after a week, Patrick - Kante Li at Travelers Championship second round 60, the Canadian Open, then tied for ninth. In addition, two University of Georgia students - Harris - British Geli Xi (Harris English) and Russell - Henry (Russell Henley) - are in the secondary tour on the PGA Tour to win the championship. But in the end, the most remarkable achievement is part of Bard - Mercury, because he entered a small number of people into the club. You play a good shot, playing one week strike is another matter. Bard - Corley said the reason he turned professional because he felt good enough, you can race with anyone, then he spent three months to prove it. Bard - Mercury in the Travelers Championship tied for 24 (with Patrick - Kante Li's ranking does), then in the Viking Classic tied for fourth. It was a small game, prize money is not high zapatillas nike shox current , because it held the same week as the British Open. However, this ranking to Bard - Corley won the Canadian Open qualifying. In that game he tied for 13th place. He missed the cut this year's tournament is the only Reno-Tahoe Open. Perhaps more remarkable is this: in this list, only Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson than the Bard - fewer checks to get the Mercury. Phil Mickelson in 1991 as an amateur to win the championship, which gave him two years to qualify, and he turned professional a year later. Woods is the fifth entry in the time to win the championship.Ryan - Moore hit the first 10 games when it accumulated more than enough money, get a card. And Justin - Justin Leonard played 13 games. As for Gary - Huo Boge is from the summer of 1980 played only 14 games to do. From now on, Bud - Mercury may only need 7 games. "To win here to qualify is the most difficult thing." Budd - Corley said. This year is not so easy to get attention, not just the race director, including those of his competitors. Valley, the third round of hearts, Bard - Mercury and Ernie - Ernie Els in the same group. Bard - Mercury stands only 170 meters, and slender physique nike shox r4 , height 193 cm when he and Els together in time to walk the fairways, looks like Andy and Opie go to the best of Mayberry Buyu hole (Note, this is the movie "- Andy Griffith" in the classic scene). Somewhat surprising is that this Saturday, Els naively asked Bard - Mercury: "When you turn pro?" "I think the back nine, he knew I was a professional player of the. "Bud - Corley said. "That was my mistake." Els embarrassed to say, "He is a great child and I saw him on the practice range the father I never confused them. I heard that he had in the military, serving in the Navy. a good man and he has a great son, promising he will become a great player. " Bard - Mercury is clearly not a great player, although his first concern, because it is based on three-month performance. Leave the Valley Golf Club in the heart when the Bard - Corley made a microblogging. This is enough to show him how to meet today to achieve these results. "Thanks for everyone's support! I look forward to next week. Very grateful for my family to make sacrifices, I will put such a position." Budd - in Twitter, the Internet nike shox nz , said Corley. So what kind of sacrifice it? In 2010, Bard - Corley's father retired after 20 years in service. His mother is a reading instructor at the school, home schooling her son, so Bard - Mercury can play golf during the day. To train a golfer is not easy. -

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