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Started by Minyan, 2016/06/27 05:57AM
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process Luis Suarez Camisetas
#1   2016/06/27 05:57AM
How To Choose A Whey Protein Supplemet Part 2 Due to the nature of the ion exchange process Luis Suarez Camisetas , the most valuable and health promoting components are selectively depleted. Though the protein content is increased, many of the most important subfractions are lost or greatly reduced. This makes ion exchange isolates a poor choice for a true third generation whey protein supplement, though many companies still use it as their isolate source due to the higher protein content. Ion exchange isolates can be as high as 70 or greater of the subfraction Beta lactoglobulin, (the least interesting and most allergenic subfraction found in whey) with a loss of the more biologically active and interesting subfractions. So, the pros of an ion exchange whey is for those who simply want the very highest protein contents per gram, but the cons are that the higher protein content comes at cost; a loss of many of the subfractions unique to whey. Not an acceptable trade in my view, considering the fact that the actual protein differences between a micro filtered type isolate is minimal from that of an ion exchange.

This segues us nicely into looking at the micro filtered whey isolates. With the array of more recent processing techniques used to make WPIs or pull out various subfractions such as Cross Flow Micro filtration (CFM?, ultra filtration (UF), micro filtration (MF), reverse osmosis (RO) Andres Iniesta Camisetas , dynamic membrane filtration (DMF), ion exchange chromatography, (IEC), electro ultrafiltration (EU), radial flow chromatography (RFC) and nano filtration (NF), manufacturers can now make some very high grade and unique whey proteins.

Perhaps the most familiar micro filtered isolate to readers would be CFM?. Although the term cross flow micro filtered is something of a generic term for several similar ways of processing whey, The CFM?processing method uses a low temperature micro filtration technique that allows for the production of very high protein contents (>90 ), the retention of important subfractions, extremely low fat and lactose contents, with virtually no undenatured proteins. CFM锟?is a natural Xavi Hernandez Camisetas , non chemical process which employs high tech ceramic filters, unlike ion exchange, which involves the use of chemical reagents such as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. CFM锟?whey isolate also contains high amounts of calcium and low amounts of sodium.

To sum this section up:

The pros of ion exchange isolates are extremely low fat and lactose levels, with the highest protein levels (on a gram for gram basis). The con which outweighs the pros in my view is the loss of important subfractions in favor of higher amounts of Beta Lac.

The pros of well made micro filtered isolates are a high protein content (90 or above), low lactose and fat levels, very low levels of undenatured proteins, and the retention of important subfractions in their natural ratios. There really are no cons per se, unless the person wants the additional compounds discussed in the next section.

* = CFM?is a trademark (hence the annoying trade mark symbol next to whenever I write CFM) of Glanbia Nutritionals, a large dairy company based in Ireland with production in the US.

New directionsthe future for whey

There are several interesting directions in the development and processing of the next generation of whey proteins.

Bioactive whey fraction protein

A new generation of whey products known as Bioactive Whey Fraction (BAWF) protein is soon to hit the market place, and has the potential to be a worthwhile addition to an athlete s diet. These new BAWF proteins provide the benefits of high protein levels (>70 ) accompanied by greatly increased levels of bioactive health promoting compounds. This innovative product contains all sorts of interesting compounds not found in significant concentrations in either whey isolates or concentrates. BAWF protein contains far higher total growth factor levels comprised from IGF 1 Sergio Busquets Camisetas , TGF ?, and TGF ?. It contains much higher levels of various phospholipids and various bioactive lipids, such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), phosphotidyl serine, phosphtidyl choline, sphingomyelin, and higher levels of immunoglobulins and lactoferrin.

Although data is lacking, studies will likely be completed to demonstrate BAWF protein s effects related to athletes muscle mass or performance. Current studies do suggest these compounds can improve immunity and intestinal health, and have many other effects that both athletes and less active people alike may find beneficial. The differences in the levels of these compounds between this BAWF protein compared to standard concentrates and isolates is not minor. For example when comparing a BAWF protein to a typical concentrate (e.g. WPC 80), the BAWF protein has 350 more lactoferrin Ivan Rakitic Camisetas , 400 more CLA, 200 more PS more and PC and 150 more IGF as found in the concentrate. The differences are even larger between BAWF protein and an isolate as isolates have only trace amounts of PS, PC, and CLA.

Optimizing subfraction ratios

Another fairly new development in whey processing is the ability to isolate certain bioactive subfraction proteins on a large scale from whey proteins, such as lactoferrin or Glycomacro peptide, using some of the processing methods mentioned above. This was not possible to do on a large scale just a few years ago, but can be done today with modern filtering techniques employed by a small number of companies. This allows for a truly tailored protein supplement; the ability to add back in certain subfractions in amounts that can t be found in nature. Take for example the subfraction lactoferrin. In many whey products, it is nonexistent due to the type of processing employed. The best whey products will contain less than 1 lactoferrin and more like 0.5 of this rare b Perfect Attire for Seasho.

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