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in 2013, my father and I boarded the

Started by 123456ylq, 2018/11/02 10:39PM
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in 2013, my father and I boarded the
#1   2018/11/02 10:39PM
One day in 2013, my father and I boarded the towering Wutong Mountain early, looking forward to the arrival of the first sun and the warmth of the first sunshine this year Marlboro Cigarettes Online.ght of climbing, no sleep all night, made me tired. Then take a nap and rest in a corner of the summit.bled for the dark light and found me, leaning down and caring about me. A pair of big, comfortable hands gently stroked my head, and I worked hard for one night. He suddenly asked: "Do you have any wish for the New Year?" I stunned and looked at him with a gaze. Under the starry sky of the moon, his eyes were eagerly awaited. He then asked: "What is your plan to do to fulfill your wish?" I don't say anything, my fingers are spinning around and drawing circles. After a while, Dad walked with disappointment. Leaving two questions about the microscopic microscope made me ponder.hing the tired moon in front of you hide in the clouds and rest, leaving a few stars in the whistle. At this time, I feel a lot of feelings in this scene. flies by, and I can't touch it, and I can't hear it. Between the fingers, I sent away 11 spring and autumn, welcoming to 2013, and suddenly I found that the schoolbags became bigger, and the textbooks became more and more troubles as they grew up. I want to keep my childhood, hold it firmly, and hold it on my palm, but my hands are weaker. Some of them are just the eyes of the teacher who are extremely bored Cigarettes Cheaper, the extremely harsh scolding of their parents, and the crying of me in the corner. I tried to look at the world from another angle, no longer staying in bed, how big and fragrant the pie is. I admire the poet's boldness Marlboro Menthol 100S, the vastness of the chest, his generous mind that can melt the world. I tried to grow up, even if it was straight in the cracks in the wall, I have to work hard to pull out the green branches. I want to say goodbye to my childhood and realize my dreams. Yes, my dream is to make my heart become stronger in the tempering of the world, even to the extent that it can hold up a blue sky, because then the teacher will cast a grateful eye ed and closed my hands Newport Cigarettes Coupons, secretly promised: "God! Please give me a powerful deterrent!" A breeze blew into the palm of your hand, and suddenly the hand chilled. However, I seem to hear the wind and say: "Come on, it will be realized!"were interrupted by my father's call. Dad said with excitement: "Look Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the sun, the sun is going up, the first day is about to start." I looked into the distance, just the turbid sky, gradually clear, In the place where the sun is rising, there is a red glow, like the red dress of the New Year. Slowly, the sun is coming out of the clouds, and the golden light beam shines on me and illuminates my heart. A comfortable mood rose, but I couldn��t help but scream out in my heart: "I wish everyone a happy new year."

Re: in 2013, my father and I boarded the
#2   2019/10/05 12:14AM
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