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Poker wisely: how to win with the worst poker hand...

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Poker wisely: how to win with the worst poker hands

Started by Remzit, 2019/07/14 01:04AM
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Poker wisely: how to win with the worst poker hands
#1   2019/07/14 01:04AM
Almost all poker players fell into the black bars when the card is absolutely not going. Very few people are pleased to send cards for hours watching the neighbors on the table fighting for banks and raking in chips.
However, if you take your poker seriously, you should take such periods of drought for granted and learn to wait for them with the championship of the discipline. The reluctance or inability to do this is a mistake, and it is very expensive.
By and large, you should decide why you are playing poker. Do you like its strategic aspects? Are you trying to become better and go up limits and win money? Maybe you like to risk? Do you want to lose money at a distance but experience the incredible sensations of ups and downs of cruel joy because you beat an older couple with a trash can and a bitter disappointment at the sight of your own pocket aces that your opponent moved?
In any case, you must be honest with yourself because you can not get everything at once. A correct winning poker involves a large number of passes. Big banks one-two and miscalculated. If you need adrenaline racing after you win or lose, then my sincere advice is to go to the tables with blackjack or craps.
It is clear that the casinos in these games have some advantage, but not comparable with the advantage that you give to your opponents, starting to call their raises with trash hands in no limit hold'em. If your goal is positive poker, then you need to be clearly aware of what you can control and what not. Believe it or not, the win is secondary. All that you can control decisions
that make. If you systematically make the right decisions money sooner or later will come simply not the fact that this will happen today tomorrow this week or even this month. Losses are a part of the game and the ability to reduce your losses to a minimum without allowing tilt or boredom to influence your decisions is one of the most important characteristics of a positive player.
Look at the situation from the following angle: throughout your career you will have a lot of positives as well as negative days. After ten years, you won or lost on a particular day will not have the slightest value. Immeasurably more important will be the total sum of all winnings and losses, that is, the net profit for 10 years of playing poker.
There are two ways to increase net income and you should work in both directions:
You can increase your advantage by learning how to squeeze more money out of strong hands. This is where most players focus their efforts.
You can reduce your disadvantage by exercising discipline when the card does not go.
In my opinion, the second is easier to accomplish while reducing the loss actually has the same value as increasing the gain. As they say, the savings are the same as the earnings.
As soon as you make sense of your goal - to make the best decisions and not to win abstractly or to get up from the table being in the plus of the situation in which the card is not going to begin to acquire features of interesting possibilities.
Having found {A -} {A-} in my first position, I know that there is math on my side, but at the same time I’ll most likely have to make some difficult decisions. Even if I win the pot, it’s quite possible that I’ll play suboptimally. Was it worth a limp-raise or just open with a raise? If the second is what size should this raise be? Should I bet continuation on the flop or play a check-raise? If the opponent calls me there is a similar dilemma on the turn.
And if the opponent raises what are my actions? Even with the nuts, the opportunity to make a mistake in bulk. Some days, sooner or later you will win a big bank in an online casino Pin-Up and you will end up with a slight plus. On other days it will not happen and you will fix a small minus. Remember that there is always tomorrow. It is unlikely that you will remember that they put on the table $ 200 and left with $ 140.
However, in the future you will be pleased with $ 140 which you saved without letting boredom take over you and not having cleared your entire stack with a questionable hand in the hope of recouping and staying with your own.

Poker wisely: how to win with the worst poker hands
#2   2019/07/14 06:10AM
I like your theme. a lot of interesting information. I know that in order to attract casino players, no deposit bonuses and free spins are distributed. If you constantly monitor the situation, then periodically you can play without investing money. Sometimes only to those who made deposits and sometimes to all who are simply registered. Also, various online casinos periodically distribute no deposit bonuses. Some players use several accounts for their profit, which requires some knowledge. As a result, people don’t actually invest anything, but sometimes they get something for the most part very little, even exceptions.

Poker wisely: how to win with the worst poker hands
#3   2019/07/14 07:27AM
Poker players no doubt know what is bankroll management. Money management is applicable in the casino. However, for this you need to have this very capital and not $ 20 in order to play something for fun. Bankroll management at the casino will show at what rates to play to what size of winnings to strive for and how much to take with you to the institution. I also want to warn you against buying systems and ways to win at the casino. None of the pros will not cut the branch on which he sits.

Poker wisely: how to win with the worst poker hands
#4   2019/07/24 07:20AM
Poker is not a hard game at all. To learn the basic strategy in poker and understand which potentially strong hands only need a few minutes. And it is simple. What is difficult and can take a lifetime is honing the game and turning poker into a stable source of income.
For those who are just starting to play poker, it is important to maintain a balance between entertainment and enjoyable excitement on the one hand and on the other with the same monetary spending that will not be significant for you.

Re: Poker wisely: how to win with the worst poker hands
#5   2019/07/25 05:46AM
Like it or not, but the name of the Internet casino plays an important role in the selection. If a resource has a “loud” name, then at least it took time and money to promote it. Some online casinos have earned their name for years. Scammers usually don't bother like that.

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