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This adaptive response can now become a cause for ...

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This adaptive response can now become a cause for debilitating disease

Started by tangtang, 2015/06/18 03:11AM
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This adaptive response can now become a cause for debilitating disease
#1   2015/06/18 03:11AM
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Inflammation is a normal part of the bodys defense against pathogens. The increase in body temperature, flood of toxic free radicals and inflammation signaling proteins, and release of killer macrophage cells are the main signs of an inflammatory event that is the bodys long established means of defending against a clear and present danger. This adaptive response can now become a cause for debilitating disease. It is even thought that the aging process may be linked to the very defense mechanism that keeps us healthy when we are young. As we grow older, our ability to regulate inflammation begins to diminish. Instead of protecting us Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , inflammation becomes silent and systemic, allowing degenerative disease to take root. The symptoms of silent inflammation are extremely different from acute inflammation of redness, heat, swelling, and pain, and can lie undetected until it has been around for far too long.

Silent inflammation causes the body to turn on itself, as its immune system begins attacking its own organs. Over time, inflammatory cytokines such as C reactive protein, interleukin 6, and inflammation producing eicosanoids like prostaglandin E 2 and leukotrienes B 4, start to destroy tissue all over the body. In response to this attack, the body produces even more inflammatory cytokines and free radicals, which creates a self perpetuating cycle. Silent inflammation damages arteries, destroys nerve cells and organs, compromises the immune system Wholesale Jerseys From China , and promotes cancerous growths. Despite how well they feel today, those with silent inflammation are on a fast track toward degenerative disease. On the good side, preventative measures that are taken today to reduce inflammation can prevent degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimers tomorrow.

When there are equal numbers of good and bad eicosanoids, a state of wellness is able to prevail within the body. However, when they become chronically unbalanced, many problems result. This balance is, interestingly, highly dependant upon the level of insulin that is found in the body. High insulin levels, whether they are induced by sugar overload, the onset of insulin resistance, or the hormonal effects of excess fat, set the stage for systematic inflammation. As insulin levels climb Wholesale Jerseys China , oxidative stress increases dramatically, causing the production of inflammatory cytokines. Along with being too high in refined sugar, the average North American diet is filled with inflammation promoting fats and scarce in inflammation reducing omega 3 fats; the consequence of this chronic fatty acid imbalance in an increase in systemic inflammation.

As inflammation rises, so does the production of cortisol, which is produced in the adrenal glands and is intricately involved in the bodys response to stress. In an attempt to reduce inflammation, cortisol increases blood pressure, elevates blood sugar levels, and suppresses the immune system. This means that systemic inflammation produces chronically elevated levels of cortisol, which then place a heavy physiological burden on all organs, causing a dramatic increase on the risk of degenerative disease.

Fortunately, changing the ba

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